PHP: Best Resources

PHP: Best Resources
Learning PHP from scratch , but confused where to start from. This article will give a particular direction in understanding PHP in a very easy and well-organised way.I can sleep where you will go

1. Tigzag :
Tigzag is the best place to start your journey with PHP. This site will teach you the basics of the PHP. They will teach you PHP from the ground-level . Tigzag is aimed at the PHP novice. You can also download the ebooks provided by them. So just make a step towards the site and start learning the basics.

2. W3Schools :

After you are done with your basics just go to the w3Schools site and learn some more about PHP. This site provides you a handful of basic to advanced PHP functions. They give you a complete reference of PHP.

3. BOOKS : 

Now you should feel enough confident with the basics of PHP. Now go through a book. You need not to go through complete book. This is just as a reference , you can choose any of the following given books :-

PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja, 5th Edition

4. Nettuts+

Dive deep into PHP by following the various tutorials in this site. You will not only learn the basics here but also get a chance to understand the various PHP frameworks. The tutorials provided are top-quality tutorials published byknown web developers. You also get a Download Code Option to grab the code. Learn by watching the video tutorials.

5. phpacademy

They provide free PHP video tutorials and other web development tutorials, including tutorials for MySQL, JavaScript (including jQuery) and CSS. absolutely free. To get started, visit their video tutorial section and start searching or browsing for free video tutorials. They also have a friendly forum if you need any help with PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CSS and more!